Educational Insights
Educational Insights 3.13.18
Posted on 03/13/2018

Educational Insights

          Never overestimate the power of your example as a ‘reader’. Our children and grandchildren will read more if we are positive role models, take time to read to and with them, and reinforce the value of reading.


          Here are several tips on how to help your child(ren) build reading skills and help them learn to love books (taken from Family Connection):


·         Read regularly.

Try to read every day with your child. Have books in your car to be reading during your commute or drive time. You might aim for 10-15 minutes of bedtime reading can be a peace end to the day. Just make sure you set aside this time and stick to it!


·         Take turns choosing books.

It can be fun to reread favorite books, but mixing it up is also a good thing. Make it part of the challenge to spice up your reading time with variety (e.g.: poetry, nonfiction, or joke books).


·         Let them have choices.

Have you child hold the book, turn the pages, and pick the special place or time. They can finish sentences that thyme or fill in words that make sense. We tend to enjoy doing things more when we play an active role in the process.


·         Be playful.

You can use different voices for different characters or substitute your child’s name for the main character. You don’t have to be an expert, they will love this time, just because you took the time!


·         Seek opportunities to weave reading into your days.

Have your child read the grocery list or a recipe to you. When you go places point out words that are on signs and discuss the meaning of any that are unfamiliar. Reading is a daily part of our lives, recognize its value! Make visits to the public library part of your routine, they offer a great place for families to gather.



-Dr. Paula Sissel

Elementary Principal/Superintendent

Garden County Schools