Educational Insights 10.14.2013
Educational Insights 10.14.2013
Posted on 10/14/2013


All K-5 teachers will be in the elementary gym for their conferences from 7:30 AM-4 PM.

Ms. Olson (GCE art), Mr. Malcolm (GCHS/GCE physical education and 7-12 wrestling coach), Mrs. Cotton (GCE/GCJH math and GCHS track coach), Mr. Dormann (GCE language arts/SS and GCJH coach), Ms. Holloway (K-12 music), and Mrs. Swafford (GCE language arts/K-12 media and GCHS girls’ basketball coach) will also be available from 7:30-10 AM in the elementary gym.

Junior and senior high staff will be in the main gym at the high school from 11 AM to 7 PM. Parent surveys will be available to seek feedback for improvement.

State and national assessment information will be shared, along with report cards and classroom updates for parents at these conferences.

            Parent/teacher conferences are a great way to learn more about how your child is doing in school, become familiar with the staff and the educational opportunities offered at Garden County Schools. We look forward to seeing all parents on October 21st!

            Most conflicts are the result of a misunderstanding or lack of communication! Don’t miss this important opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers. Parents are a child’s first and foremost teachers, when parents are engaged in their child’s education, positive outcomes are more likely to occur!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Superintendent/Elementary Principal