Educational Insights 10.8.2013
Fall Walk-to-School Day October 9, 2013
Posted on 10/08/2013
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A healthy walk to school has to start with safety. The physical environment, drivers, and a pedestrian’s own behavior all play a role in safety. What safe walking skills do children need to know? Keep in mind that children learn by watching others; so modeling safe pedestrian behavior is the best way to teach these valuable skills.

          Consider these tips for Walk to School Day and every day:

1.    Choose routes that provide space to walk and bicycle and have the least amount of traffic and lowest speeds.

2.    Obey all traffic signs and signals.

3.    Look for traffic at all driveways and intersections.

4.    If possible, cross at a crosswalk.

5.    Stop at the curb and look for traffic in all directions (left, right, left, to the front and behind). At an intersection, it is important to look in front and behind to check for turning vehicles. The second look to the left is to re-check for traffic that is closest to the pedestrian.

6.    Wait until no traffic is coming and start crossing: keep looking for traffic while crossing the road.

7.    Walk across the road. Do not run.

8.    Wear reflective gear if it is dark or if conditions like rain or snow limit visibility.

9.    Encourage adults to talk with kids about what traffic safety decisions they are making and why as they walk and bicycle together.

10.  Remind your child ‘daily’ to get off their bicycle at the railroad tracks at the painted line and look both ways, being EXTRA careful at the railroad tracks. If the lights are blinking, they SHOULD NOT cross!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Superintendent/Elementary Principal