Educational Insights 11.18.2013
Educational Insights 11.18.2013
Posted on 11/18/2013

          Sometimes, when one reads or listens to the news, it is easy to focus on the negative things in our communities and become discouraged about the kind of world our children will inherit. However, if you seek opportunities, we can find some good news – young people hard at work to make a difference in our communities and around the world!

          Here are several reminders that there are so many good kids here in Garden County, doing the ‘right’ thing:

          *Last week, the high school drama students presented a play and the community support was awesome! The kids really enjoyed themselves, as did the spectators!

          *Several high school students are employed at our local nursing home and witnessing their caring for the residents there is heartwarming!

          *Four high school students were recently inducted into the National Honor Society based on their academic successes.

          *Student aids assist at the elementary daily, helping the preschoolers and elementary students. They are great role models for our kids!

          *Recent speeches at our Veteran’s Day programs reflected youth patriotism and respect for all veterans.

          *Fundraising efforts provide donations to local food pantries, the American Heart Association, and people in need.

          *Our local grocery store manager recently commended the kids who went trick-or-treating for using their manners. A patron mentioned to her that when they lived in CO, students rarely said please or thank you and here all the kids were so polite on Halloween.

          It is often too easy to focus on what is negative, rather than what is positive. Let’s make a conscious effort this Thanksgiving season to notice what is good in each other and our youth and give thanks for living in such a kind and caring community. Kids certainly are in need of more positive role models versus critics. After all, they learn from us, right?

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Superintendent/Elementary Principal