Educational Insights 12.2.2013
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Posted on 12/02/2013

          With the holiday season upon us, it seems fitting to focus more on all the positives in our lives! Denis Wiatley once said, “Happiness  cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minutes with love, grace, and gratitude.”

            This past few weeks, several things in our district have occurred that remind me how giving and caring our community is:

  • FBLA students all chipped in and provided a wonderful food basket for a needy family that they delivered last week before the Thanksgiving break! “It was great to see how much these kids got into this, and how much they wanted to make a difference for someone else. What a great group of kids we have here!”-Mr. Marquez
  • GCE parent volunteers held their annual fall bake sale last week, earning nearly $700. that they shared with several staff members to cover additional medical expenses! Wow-what a testimony of giving!!!
  • Third-Fifth graders recently held a fundraising campaign with World’s Finest Chocolates & The Chip Shoppe. Thanks to our gracious community, it was a huge success with the total profits reaching nearly $5000.! These proceeds go towards ‘extras’ that are not part of the general fund budget (e.g.: field trips, T-shirts at homecoming, etc.). THANKS to all who participated in this fall fundraiser.
  • Several new TeamMates’ mentors have started meeting with their newly assigned mentees! It is so awesome to see these students’ faces light up when they hear their mentor is there to see them.

      Children learn from the examples set by the adults in their lives. Thank you for being such positive role models for our students and giving so generously to them with your time and treasures!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal