Educational Insights 1.25.16
Educational Insights 1.26.16
Posted on 01/25/2016

          The good news, however, is that no matter how hard it may be, with a few strategies and a shift in perspective, it is possible to be a happy parent. Here is the experts’ advice:

1)   Connect with your kid.

Between rushed mornings, shuttling to activities, and resolving sibling squabbles, parenting can often feel like pure drudgery. Although the natural thing is to want time away from your kids, but the result can make you even more disconnected from them and increase the struggles. It is essential to carve out quality time with our children, even if it is just a few minutes daily.

2)   Be proactive.

If you know you tend to snap at your kids at certain times of the day, find ways to set yourself up for success so you don’t lost it. Plan ahead and think of ways to avoid potential trials.

3)   Stop yelling.

Even if you are prone to yelling or raising your voice when frustration sets in, you can retrain yourself to speak quietly and in a gentler tone. It will help your physical state and be more beneficial in the long run. Breathe, walk away, regroup, and remind yourself that yelling will not solve the problem faster, in fact it will likely increase the tension.

4)   Be kind to yourself.

One of the best ways to be a happy person and parent is to take care of you. Accept your mistakes, use positive self-talk, and be your own cheerleader!

5)   Nix the guilt.

Laying on the guilt only increases your stress level and makes you react negatively to your child. Erase the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary.

6)   Rate your stress.

Throughout your day, stop and think about your level of stress on a scale of 1-10 and do something to correct it. The solution is different for everyone, maybe it is a phone conversation with a family member or friend, a workout at the gym or walk, or meditation.

7)   Be grateful.

Although it is probably not going to help in the moment when your child is pushing your buttons, studies show a regular practice of gratitude is the key to happiness. Keep a gratitude journal, write your child a thank you note for a good deed, or thank your higher power for all the good things in your life! We all have more blessings than we often acknowledge.

8)   Let it go.

It is okay to say no sometimes. If you are spending all your time volunteering, it can leave you feeling depleted. Pick a few things that are worthy of your valuable time and delegate or outsource the rest.

9)   Get some retail therapy.

While this is not a great long-term solution, a quick trip to the store can brighten one’s day (as long as it is within your budget!).

    10) Make time for each other.

            It has been said the best thing two parents can give their children is             the example of a happy, healthy relationship. Make time for your               significant other, it will reap huge dividends for the whole family!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal