Educational Insights 2.10.2014
Educational Insights 2.10.2014
Posted on 02/10/2014

*Make a date. Set a weekly date with children, so you are ensured some alone time with them.

*Read with them. Read to them every day if possible. It’s great quality time and one of the best things you can do to help them in life.

*Talk to them after work. When you get home, take the extra effort to sit down and talk with your kids about their day.

*Play “Highs and Lows”. If dinnertime isn’t a productive time to connect with your kids, try playing this game: go around the table and each person shares his high points of the day, and low points. It’s fun and a great way to connect.

*Play with them. Don’t be afraid to be a kid with them. Play video games, watch cartoons, play board games, have pillow fights, make a fort, play superheroes. Play at their level — don’t expect them to play at yours.

*Work on a goal together. Set a family workout goal or read a book together. Even making a goal for completing a cleaning project can bond you together and make it more enjoyable.

*Talk to them in the car. Sometimes the only time you have with your children alone is in the car. Take advantage of it, you can have some great, deep conversations in the car.

*Have a Family Day. Reserve this time for them and no one else (leave the television, computers, and cell phones off).

*Have a Family Meeting. Before you start Family Day, have a weekly Family Meeting. It’s a great way for you to talk about things with the kids, have fun with them, and include them in decision-making.

*Just snuggle. Every now and then, just pull your child to you and hug them. Snuggle, be affectionate, and squeeze them tight. That kind of physical intimacy is important and the day will come when they don’t want to snuggle with you anymore. Take advantage of it now.

Make time to connect with your kids — they are worth the investment!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal