Educational Insights 3.17.2014
Educational Insights 3.17.2014
Posted on 03/17/2014

“There is pressure on schools to increase performance on standardized testing, and a lot of times teachers are using withdrawal of recess as a punishment for children," says Robert Murray, MD. This is a growing concern for schools.

“Recess is an important part of the school day that should not be cast off without thinking. It is not a reward. Recess is necessary and important to help children learn and grow. No matter what kind of recess, whether indoors or outdoors, structured or unstructured, kids need a safe place to play," Murray says.

Health Benefits of Recess

The benefits of recess are many. "The child who gets regular breaks in the day performs better cognitively in the classroom and gets a lot of social and emotional benefits," he says. "Recess provides kids with the chance to be creative and play with others just for the fun of it."

Recess is not the same as physical education or structured sports’ practices. "Recess promotes a healthy learning environment. Importantly, recess should be used as a complement to physical education classes, not a substitute," Murray says. "We need to protect recess, as it benefits the whole child."

Garden County Schools are committed to helping all children grow to reach their full potential. Being active and playing is a vital component in every child’s life! Recess is an essential part of students’ daily schedule and maximizes educational capacity. It seems that playing is really important work for our kiddos!


-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal