Educational Insights 3.24.2014
Educational Insights 3.24.2014
Posted on 03/24/2014

-   Look at things from others’ point of view – stand in their shoes.

-   Avoid the drama! NO RUMORS!

-   Don’t use nicknames unless someone tells you it’s okay to use them.

-   If you have hurt someone, apologize with sincerity rather than offering a casual “sorry” and moving on.

-   Lose the sarcasm.

-   Listen more, talk less.

-   Let your friends make new friends.

-   Don’t be a bystander.

-   Eliminate the phrase “just kidding” from your vocabulary.

A year later, faculty members report that students have embraced the community of kindness maxims and quote them when unkind behaviors occur.


These guidelines are good advice for us adults, also. Parents can refer to this list when complaints about fellow students come up. To read the entire article, refer to It will take a united approach and relentless intolerance of disrespectful behaviors to reduce them in our lives and create a kinder community! 


-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal