Educational Insights 4.7.2014
Educational Insights 4.7.2014
Posted on 04/07/2014

          Our high tech society, coupled with busy, sedentary lifestyles, often do not promote adequate physical activity. Ploeg’s study revealed, “kids whose parents encouraged physical activity were more active, although parents tended to encourage boys more than girls.” It is clear that parents play a critical role in shaping the behaviors of their children.

          “It’s not just about signing your children up for extracurricular activities,” according to Ploeg. “It’s important for parents, schools, and communities to create social and physical environments that support physical activity, so that children can make healthy choices.” Competitive school sports’ programs, alone, cannot provide the physical activity that all students require.

          Some research has found that children who get regular physical activity carry the healthy habit into adult years. (Fakhouri, 2014) Establishing active lifestyle routines early on can be helpful for children in later years. The emphasis on being active and eating right needs to be instilled in our children's lives early on.Parents can help in stressing that getting out and moving is a positive thing in their kids’ lives by limiting screen time. They can also encourage more physical activity among their children by being active with them. This physical activity time need not be anything highly structured or formalized. Taking walks, playing Frisbee, tossing a ball, or riding bikes all contribute to helping kids get healthier. The added bonus of playing together is spending quality family time together! 

Parents can obtain additional information for the “Let’s Move!” initiative developed by First Lady Michelle Obama. Our small community has newly developed soccer fields for our youngsters to use thanks to a local donor and civic organizations (Lions’ Club). Soon, T-ball, baseball, and softball will be offered to provide opportunities for our youth.

Eating right, getting adequate sleep, and increasing physical activity are GREAT habits to establish for all ages! Children typically model adult behavior, so with warmer weather approaching, we all might consider taking a walk or riding bikes to promote healthier lifestyles in our community. Our good health is our wealth!

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal