Educational Insights 9.12.2013
Educational Insights 9.23.2013
Posted on 09/24/2013


         According to, the technical definition of a rural school is they are characterized by geographic isolation and small population size. That fits Garden County!

After the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, schools were met with new requirements to increase the quality of education. The new standards required all teachers be highly qualified, meaning they are endorsed in their subject areas. Our small district is fortunate to meet this requirement and currently retains 100% highly qualified teachers!

          Teaching in a rural area can be more challenging with limited resources and reduced opportunities to network with colleagues in each individual subject areas. However, teaching, regardless of where you are, requires talent, dedication, perseverance, and a desire to make a tangible difference.

          Despite the changes in our county’s demographics over the last decade, our teachers strive to provide the best educational opportunities available to all our students. The board has committed to increasing opportunities, despite challenging economic times. Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

The patrons in this community have looked beyond their personal agendas and united to provide a progressive education to our youth, despite increased mobility, poverty, and population decline. Fewer resources require increased partnerships and collaboration. Bravo to all this county’s stakeholders for working together with the common goal of high quality education.

Teaching is not always easy, it requires passion and a supportive community. Garden County is fortunate to have both! Welcome back, alumni and past educators, you have made a positive difference in our schools, we thank you.


-Dr. Paula Sissel

Superintendent/Elementary Principal