GCHS 2000's

GCHS Alumni: 2000's

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2000 Erika Hudson erikah81@yahoo.com
2000 Van A. Jensen van.jensen@gmail.com
2000 Shannon (Shaffer) Vaccaro shaffershannon@hotmail.com
2000 James Simmons jsimmons_27@hotmail.com
2001 Michele (Milanuk) Gortemaker gortemakers@gmail.com
2002 Chelsey L. (Bolton) Kennedy beltone02@hotmail.com
2002 Abbey Brown brown_abbey@hotmail.com
2002 Carrie Kyser clk9595@yahoo.com
2002 Nicole (Krajewski) Loomis nkrajewski2002@yahoo.com
2002 Dustin McCormick dmccormick02@hotmail.com
2003 Crystal (Blake) Thelander eeyore_blake@yahoo.com
2006 Sara Noel-Feldkamp sfeldkamp1@gmail.com 
2007 Elisa Jensen elisa_jensen@live.com
2007 Danniel Sands captain_me_ds@yahoo.com
2007 Beau Thelander bthelander56@hotmail.com

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To update your physical address,contact Ron or Marlis Shearer at rmshearer@embarqmail.com.