Cafeteria Update

Many parents have called to inquire about our lunch program’s guidelines and procedures. Below are the state’s nutritional guidelines that must be followed in order to receive USDA reimbursement and commodities. Our district nutritional goals are to:

  • Help our students make healthy food choices
  • Insure all students receive adequate nutritional needs in order to learn
  • Meet state and federal compliance standards
  • Reduce food waste
  • Keep food costs within budgetary resources

Our elementary building recently received a Free Fruit and Vegetable Grant (FFVG). This allows students an additional fruit or vegetable serving at another time of day. We are considering adding this feature to the junior high program, if we are able to meet budget requirements.
We recognize that many students would like to go back to the serving line for seconds on a favorite food item. Nutritional guidelines and budget constraints prohibit this from being possible. However, they are allowed to go to the salad bar to get additional food items if they desire. High school students are able to go to the salad bar after getting their tray filled. Junior high and elementary students are expected to eat everything on their tray, with the exception of one item, first. If your child complains about not getting enough to eat and being hungry, we urge you to visit with your building principal. A parent is invited to eat lunch once (at the district’s expense) with their child, to make their own determination about the foods made available and our procedures. Your feedback is valued and your support will be necessary to meet our nutritional goals system wide. We share your commitment to promoting healthy eating habits for all our students.

NDE Nutrition Guidelines

Meal Component Required K-6 Required 9-12
Fluid Milk: 1 cup (8 ozs.) 1 cup (8 ozs)
Meat/Meat Alternative 10 oz. per week
(Minimum of 1 oz. daily)
10 oz. per week
(Minimum of 1 oz. daily)
Two or more servings daily
Total of 3/4 cup PLUS an extra 1/2 cup over a week Total of 1 cup
Only one serving per day may be a dessert item
12 servings per week
(Minimum of 1 serving daily)
15 servings per week
(Minimum of 1 serving daily)