Wellness Information

Wellness Committee About Us

Meeting Schedule:
The District Wellness Committee will meet twice a year: Once in the fall to review policy and set goals, then again in late spring to evaluate work and prepare for the Board of Education presentation in June.

Committee Members:
Dana Fischer- Food and Nutrition Director
Michelle Dormann- Counselor/Parent
Jolene Dodge– P.E. Teacher
Jason Spady-J.H/High School Principal
Rita Nickel-Elementary Principal

Jess Underwood-Superintendent/Parent
Carrie Hoagland– Business Manager/Parent

If interested in participating of the development review, update and implementation of the local school Wellness Policy please contact the school 308-772-3242.

Link to Wellness Policy.pdf

Link to School Wellness Policy WellSAT Assessment Score
District Scorecard.pdf

Link to Triennial Wellness Assessment Results 2023.pdf