Wellness Information

If interested in participating of the development review, update and implementation of the local school Wellness Policy please contact the school 308-772-3242.

Link to Wellness Policy.pdf

Coordinated Health Council

W.E.L.L. Being Lifestyle Center



Supt. Sissel called the meeting to order in the GCE library at 3:30 PM, welcoming Dana Fischer (Food Service Manager), Dianna Lambert (parent/community business owner), Jayson Peetzke (PE teacher), Michelle Dormann (parent/guidance counselor), and Rachel Sissel (parent/VOAWN CEO). The council’s goal was reviewed with discussion about having quarterly meetings in the upcoming school year. The current wellness policy was reviewed and notes were taken using the assessment review form which will be kept on file with Mrs. Fischer. Mr. Peetzke shared an upcoming activity for the last day of school. Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.