Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program

"Break the Silence -- Stop the Violence"

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With the mission statement, “Break the Silence – Stop the Violence”, the Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP) dedicates itself to educating schools, youth, and adults in the Panhandle of Nebraska about the dangers and dire effects of abusive relationships.  Marcie Ferretti, a SCIP outreach volunteer and coordinator, visits schools throughout the Panhandle presenting alarming statistics about the number of teens currently involved in abusive and controlling relationships and warning about the resulting consequences that could change a young person’s life forever. An anonymous SURVEY conducted at GCHS revealed some alarming statistics that illustrate how prevalent teen relational violence is in this district.  Garden County Schools and the State of Nebraska are dedicated to addressing this issue, educating our students and patrons, and providing our children with a safe learning environment.

Ms. Ferretti encourages anyone in or aware of an abusive relationship call SCIP at its toll free number -- 877.836.6055 or access the crisis line – 308.284.6055.  Ms. Ferretti can also be reached at [email protected].   All calls and contacts are strictly confidential.

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